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Germany Moves Towards Setting Legal Minimum for Meat Workers' Wages

17 September 2013

GERMANY - The country's four largest meat companies have reached agreement to progress a minimum wages rate for workers in the industry.

The four largest meat companies - Vion, Tönnies, Danish Crown und Westfleisch - have reached agreement over a minimum wages rate, reports the German meat association (VDF)

Last week, they successfully completed their discussions with the cooperation of the federal minister for work and social matters, Professor Dr Schlegel. His ministry is expected to set out the details officially in writing shortly.

Representatives of the meat companies agree that the minimum rates should be included in law as soon as possible and negotiations will now proceed with the union, NGG.

The companies see the minimum rates as the only possibility to achieve their stated goal of setting a statutory minimum salary for all those working in the meat industry.

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