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Sonac to Launch New Digestible Natural Protein

06 September 2013

FRANCE - Sonac, supplier of high quality animal-based proteins, fats and minerals, will be launching an improved, highly digestible natural protein source for all species at this year’s SPACE exhibition, in Rennes, France.

MucoPro 80P is a pure porcine mucosal protein hydrolysate developed to stimulate the feed intake of young animals.

Suitable for use in all types of animal feed, MucoPro 80P can be purchased in both small and bulk bags offering greater flexibility for feed manufacturers.

MucoPro 80P is formulated through Sonac’s unique production techniques at state-of-the-art facilities in Europe.

This method delivers an exceptionally palatable feed ingredient which is concentrated in free amino acids plus di-and tri- peptides – fractions that are rapidly digested by young animals and fish.

As a result, they and their intestinal cells are nourished quickly and efficiently to reinforce the gut defence system.

Mucus, mucosal cells and the intestinal immune system are recognised as providing young animals with high levels of protection against invasive and harmful pathogens.

Sonac’s patented manufacturing process also ensures that MucoPro 80P contains less salt and ash compared to competitor products.

Feed producers can therefore benefit from a healthier alternative to other protein options available on the market. In addition, MucoPro 80P is also permitted, by European Feed Law, for application in feed for all animal species.

This makes it one of the few animal proteins, which can be used in all feed mills, regardless of whether they have separate ruminant and non-ruminant lines or not.

Louis Van Deun, sales manager at Sonac, said: “MucoPro 80P offers manufacturers significant advantages across a wide variety of animal feed applications – improved flow properties, low salt levels and over fifty per cent less ash than competitor options. What’s more, as we’re able to supply MucoPro 80P in bulk – we can now deliver bags up to 700kg, feed producers can benefit from even greater flexibility and better respond to manufacturing needs. We’re delighted to introduce MucoPro 80P to the animal feed industry.”

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