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Growing Beef Sector Turns Attention to New Markets

03 September 2013

PARAGUAY – Efforts to promote beef abroad have been extended to Lima and Dubai following successes in Santiago, Chile, says the President of the Rural Association of Paraguay (ARP).

Der German Ruiz of the ARP noted the effects of market development and suggested the charge of one dollar per animal, reports ABC.

This will fund a promotional effort to raise the profile of Paraguayan market labels and consumer perceptions.

But, Jair Lima, Head of Concept Refrigeration said the discount of a dollar would be added to other discounts, such as a discount for vaccination and this will mean an ‘overcharge’ for Chile.

He told ABC that Paraguay covers around 35 per cent of the Chile meat market.

Industry figureheads have described a revival of Paraguayan beef in Chile as evidence of a new direction and have praised the work of the National foreign Ministry and the Embassy in Chile.

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