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Resource-saving Machine Concepts from Multivac at Fachpack

02 July 2013

GERMANY - MULTIVAC will be presenting visitors to this year's Fachpack in Nuremberg with several innovative ideas for reducing the consumption of film material, energy and water in the packaging procedure.

The packaging specialist has already integrated the innovations in several thermoforming packaging machines. The latest model, the R 105 e-concept, can be seen at Fachpack.

Sustainability in dealing with natural resources is one of the biggest subjects of our time.

Today consumers are increasingly aware of whether products are produced in a way which saves resources - a development which does not spare the packaging industry, as Valeska Haux of MULTIVAC confirms: "Today's machine concepts have to offer solutions, which handle resources in a more sparing way". MULTIVAC has developed several innovative ideas for this and integrates these in its packaging solutions.

Reduction of film usage

One of the solutions involves the usage of film material: Thanks to the use of innovative die technology and optimised die geometry, the film side trim and the seal flanges of the packs can be designed to be narrower, and the partitions between the individual packs can be reduced. This means that the film surface area, which is required to produce the packs, can be reduced by some five per cent.

MULTIVAC also offers alternative thermoforming processes, which improve the thermoforming to the extent, that the same pack functionality as with thicker films can be achieved by using films of a thinner gauge. Examples of this are explosive forming or plug forming, which are used depending on the pack geometry and the desired pack functionality.

An appropriate pack design can also contribute to giving packs the same stability with a thinner film, as is achieved with thicker materials. Despite the use of thinner films, the same degree of product protection can also be guaranteed.

Less energy and fresh water

In order to reduce the energy consumption of thermoforming packaging machines, MULTIVAC has replaced the most important compressed air-operated components with servomotor drive units.

In the case of the high-performance R 535 e-concept model, this involves the lifting units in the area of the forming and sealing stations, as well as the STS 10 strip punch for film cutting. The MVP 600 vacuum pump from MULTIVAC also requires less energy than comparable units. The fresh water consumption of the R 535 e-concept is also reduced by the use of a cooling water flow regulator. An integrated sensor constantly measures the temperature of the cooling water. Fresh cooling water is only fed into the system, when the water has reached a certain temperature.

In the case of the compact R 095 e-concept and R 105 e-concept thermoforming packaging machines, the lifting units and cutting units are electrically driven. Thanks to the use of a closed cooling water circuit, there is no requirement for an external cooling water supply. This means that the compact thermoforming packaging machines only require a power supply.

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