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On-line Guides to Stunning

01 May 2013

UK - New on-line guides to ‘Electrical stunning of red meat animals’ and ‘Captive-bolt stunning of livestock’ have been produced by the Humane Slaughter Association.

Primarily intended for the meat industry, the guides are updated versions of the guidance notes of the same titles in the HSA’s print publications portfolio, and include video footage.

Best practice in all aspects of the slaughter process is covered, from the physiology of stunning and the choice and use of electrical and captive-bolt equipment to bleeding methods.

The guides form part of a new series of publications that the HAS - an independent charity that promotes the highest standards of welfare for livestock during transport, at markets, slaughter and killing for disease control and welfare reasons - is making freely available on-line for use throughout the world, and join the recently published on-line guide to the practical slaughter of poultry for smallholders and small-scale producers.

They can be accessed from the ‘Training Packages’ section of the Publications pages at

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