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Japan Authorises New Meat Hygiene Facility

27 November 2012

MEXICO - The Federal Inspection Facility (FIF), a meat hygiene body, has been authorised by the Japanese Government to monitor and inspect the quality of Jalisco Pork that is heading to Japan.

Between January and September 2012, Mexican producers marketed 50,160 tonnes of pork products to Japan, mainly from the states of Sonora and Yucatan.

This is set to be maintained with the go ahead given for another meat inspection facility ensuring safe, good quality meat can be traded from Mexico

The National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality has reported that the company currently has 36 FIF establishments in the country's processing sector.

A total of 24 of these meat hygiene plants, many of which are in Jalisco, the major pork producing area in Mexico.

The importance of facilities that ensure the safety and quality of meat originating from Mexico is demonstrated by recent export figures.

Last year, over 21,417 tonnes of Jalisco meat products went to 15 countries: Angola, Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ghana, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Nigeria , Panama, Republic of Benin, Russia, Togo, and Vietnam.

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