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AMSA Book on Breaded and Battered Products

20 November 2012

US - The American Meat Science Association has completed Producing Battered and Breaded Meat Products, a new work in the growing Meat Processing Technology Series designed to create a resource for the industry on the principles of meat processing technology.

The book describes the processes used by the food industry to produce battered and breaded meat products. It addresses breading types and includes a troubleshooting section on common problems.

Battered and breaded products are popular around the world. Different cultures prefer various products such as meats (e.g., poultry, pork, beef, or seafood), vegetables (e.g., tempura-coated onion rings), or cheese. The market for these products has been expanding over the past few decades and today more products are produced on large-scale commercial lines and sold fully or semi-cooked by food service outlets and retail stores, respectively.

Producing Battered and Breaded Meat Products was authored by Shai Barbut from the University of Guelph. Dr. Barbut’s research areas focus on meat processing including the relationship between texture and microstructure, and pathogen reduction during processing. Dr. Barbut is the author of 2002 Poultry Products Processing- An Industry Guide.

The Meat Processing Technology Series is being directed by Dr. Joe Sebranek of Iowa State University and Dr. Wes Osburn of Texas A&M University. When completed, the series will include over 20 chapters and will eventually be published as a single volume. As chapters are completed, they are published as monographs that can be used as textbooks or general reference.

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