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EUROTIER: Turbulent Times over for EU Egg Industry

14 November 2012

GERMANY - The market disruption following the EU-wide ban on conventional battery cages from 1 January this year has largely abated, according to German poultry statistics agency, MEG.

The introduction of the ban on conventional battery cages across the EU from the start of this year caused turbulence in the egg market in the region but it was was as disastrous as some predicted, according to Margit Beck of MEG.

The EU is still achieving a little more than 100 per cent self-sufficiency overall, exporting and importing small quantities (as egg products). There is a large trade in eggs and products between Member States, she said.

Germany had introduced the ban before the rest of the EU and by 2011, egg output was well on its way to recovery.

Most of the EU Member states are now reporting complete compliance with the ban. Those that are not are making steady progress on transition, she said, however there are still concerns over Italy and Greece, where much of the production is still thought to be from battery cages.

Ms Beck added that the EU countries have a non-binding 'gentleman's agreement' that national authorities will ensure all non-compliant eggs are broken, processed and only used within the country of origin.

Jackie Linden

Jackie Linden

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