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Ukraine Increases Rate of Pork Production

20 September 2012

UKRAINE - Ukraine's pork and pig sector is showing strong dynamic growth.

This year, Ukraine's ministry of Agriculture said that the sector will produce 750,000 tons of pork - 50 tonnes more than last year.

Director of Livestock at the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food for Ukraine Andrey Hetya said: "If you compare pork production in Ukraine last year, we see a clear growth dynamics.

"Specifically, in 2012, farmers produced 700,000 tons of pork, while the end of this year will increase production to 750,000 tons. Thus, we are witnessing the gradual development of pig industry as a whole."

Mr Hetya said stressed that Ukrainian pork maintains its quality by complying with all the food safety requirements and Ukraine has strict controls to guarantee quality.

He added that domestically produced pork is also prevalent on the retail shop shelves.

"The Ukrainian market is dominated by domestic pork. In general, over the last two to three years pork imports to Ukraine have decreased.

"The price of the domestic market for live animals has fallen, so imports are not an obstacle to domestic production, " Mr Hetya said.

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