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Multivac Checkweighers with Optional Metal Detector

08 August 2012

GERMANY - MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection is launching onto the market its own checkweighers in three weight ranges.

The checkweighers are designed in MULTIVAC's groundbreaking Hygiene Design and they are optimised for MULTIVAC packaging lines.

With the new MR821 checkweighers, MULTIVAC completes its product range for turnkey, end-to-end packaging lines.

TRhe system provides all the line components from one source: full integration of the line modules, the right interfaces, single uniform operator guidance and one person to contact.

The MR821 checkweighers can be adapted to every application.

Their transport conveyor and weighing modules are mounted on a robust twin beam carrier, on which almost all configurations of dif-ferent conveyor modules can be fitted.

The entire construction is designed for maximum weighing accuracy with rigidity against flex-ing, reduction of vibration and absence of torsion.

The MR821 checkweighers can be equipped as an option with mul-ti-frequency metal detectors. These are adapted to the specific user requirement in order to achieve the optimum sensitivities. All types of metals can be detected, such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium etc.

The metal detector docks mechanically on the infeed side directly into the checkweigher. This controls the metal detector via the communication interface.

"The operator can be sure that the checkweigher and metal detector are always being operated with the correct parameters and speeds which apply to the particular product," said Robert Vollenkemper, Sales Manager at MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection.

The checkweighers and metal detectors are equipped with either a 12.1 inch colour touchscreen or a 5.7 inch monochrome display as required. Their clearly structured user interface makes the operation of the units extremely simple, even for non-technical personnel. In addition to potential-free contacts, the MR821 units also offer a serial and an Ethernet interface.

The transport belts, which can be removed without tools in a quick-change system, together with the easily accessible floor stand with smooth contours and without dirt traps, enable the units to be cleaned quickly and simply.

The floor stand is constructed in brushed stainless steel in accordance with the MULTIVAC Hygiene Design. The MR821 checkweighers have light transport conveyor modules, brushless drive motors and low-friction belts.

"The wear-resistant drive technology gives a consistent, reliable performance; the quick product change and modular design ensure minimum downtime," said Vollenkemper.

The checkweighers are available for legally calibrated use in three weight ranges from 10 to 6,000 grams.

"They are designed as dual-range weighers, which enables them to achieve the unusually wide range of legally calibrated weights," said Vollenkemper.

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