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NZPork is the World’s Best Little Pig Industry

16 July 2012

NEW ZEALAND - NZPork Chair Ian Carter challenged attendees of the industry’s annual conference to recognize themselves as ‘the best little pig industry in the world’.

"Pork is the world leader in animal protein, but only number three in New Zealand. Our target must be first place," Mr Carter said.

"A well cared for guilt and her litters can produce 1,700kg of protein before she’s two years old. The average cow won’t produce that in her lifetime.

"In New Zealand, we have the well-respected Pigcare animal welfare certification, and are leaders in product quality and environmental performance. Anonymously imported pork products don’t face the same concerns.

"Our animals’ productivity is increasing with genetic advances, and pork’s market share in New Zealand is increasing, despite meat consumption falling overall.

Mr Carter identified two main potential barriers to success – biosecurity threats and the need to promote new products for young, active, passionate eaters.

"Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is the number one disease we don’t want in this country, and we will continue to fight it through the media, parliament and in court," Mr Carter said.

"We have been training butchers in how they can present pork in different forms, while engaging with consumers through ‘The Extraordinary Kitchen’.

"Our industry has a track record of turning challenges into positives. We’ve been doing it behind closed gates, but doing it well.

"We’re little but we’re innovative, and if we all keep working alongside stakeholders – including the broader primary sector and Government – we can make it happen," Mr Carter said.

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