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Alliance Extends Carcase Scanning to Venison

09 July 2012

NEW ZEALAND - Alliance Group, New Zealand lamb and beef processor and exporter, has announced its innovative technology VIAscan will be extended to venison.

The VIAscan technology, installed throughout eight Alliance Group plants, measures the meat, less the fat and bone, to capture yield performance levels.

While VIAscan had been available for analysing sheepmeat since 2003, venison suppliers sending stock to the company’s Makarewa plant in Southland will soon benefit.

Along with providing suppliers with the opportunity to improve returns, VIAscan also aligns farmers with current market information and helps them with decision-making and the selection of good genetics.

Murray Behrent, general manager of livestock at Alliance Group, said extending VIAscan to venison illustrated the company’s commitment to innovation.

“Exceptional product quality and food safety standards are vital for Alliance Group’s export markets. We’re targeting high-end consumers with discerning palates who rate meat quality highly when making purchasing decisions and VIAscan helps our suppliers produce the quality livestock that is required.”

The technology takes an image of the whole carcass and uses complex algorithms to compare the shape and colour profile of the carcass with a large database of boning trial results.

It then divides the carcase into three primal areas - leg, middle and shoulder - and reports a meat yield result for each.

Mr Behrent said: “Alliance Group has identified an ideal market weight range and yield for each area of the carcass. Kill sheets will provide a profile showing how each herd performs against these ideal market requirements.”

The VIAscan will also mean suppliers can measure the performance of each individual carcase, particularly when the National Animal Identification and Tracing scheme (NAIT) is introduced in February 2013.

“Over a number of years, Alliance Group has invested in technologies and research to ensure our brands represent quality and safety to those consumers. These investments include the Farm Assurance Programme, the Enviro-Mark and ISO 14001 programme and on-going involvement in the Central Progeny Test and more recently, the Deer Progeny Test.

“These innovations build on our investments to further establish our brands in the market place as guarantees of both product quality and food safety.”

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