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CNA Represents Brazil at IMS World Meat Congress

30 May 2012

FRANCE - Brazil will be represented by CNA (the Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation) president Senator Kátia Abreu at the 19th World Meat Congress taking place in Paris between 4 and 6 June.

The event will see approximately 1,000 participants from all over the world gathering together to debate consumer trends and the role of livestock rearing in the global market.

The CNA represents more than a million rural producers in Brazil, and Senator Abreu will present the country's position in the debate over the meat trade and international sanitary standards at the congress' closing session.

"Brazilian meat exports have grown by almost 300% over the last 20 years and the conditions exist for us to produce more, in a sustainable manner, and enter new markets," she said.

"We have recently launched, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle Rearing and Food Supply (MAPA), a new, modern and swift system - the Agricultural and Livestock Management Platform (PGA) - that holds all the information relating to our livestock performance. This not only gives consumers greater trust in Brazil's products, it also helps perfect the controls and sanitary defence in the country," she added.

World Organization of Animal Health director general Bernard Vallat joins representatives from China, the US and the EU on the panel. With a production of 9.505 million tons per year, Brazil is the second largest producer of beef, behind only the US (which produces 12.048 million tons per year). The country takes top spot for beef exports in the international market, selling 1.645 million tons of the product to other countries, leaving behind countries such as Australia, the US and India.

The Brazilians are also among those who consume the most beef in the world (40.8 kg per capita per annum), behind Uruguay and Argentina (62.1 and 55.8 kg per capita per annum, respectively) and ahead of the US (38.8 kg per capita per annum).

The Congress will debate the livestock industry's contribution to sustainable economic development. Also on the agenda are the industry's need to adapt to new consumer demands in a globalised market, and its engagement with the general public, authorities, scientific community and the media.

Held every two years, the Congress is organised by the IMS (International Meat Secretariat), an NGO that brings together meat producers and organisations from all over the world. The 19th edition of the event is organised by two French livestock associations, INTERBEV and INAPORC, and counts with the official support of France's Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing.

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