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Roser Automatic Tray Storage

21 May 2012

GERMANY - Adfood Group brand company ROSER has launched its automatic transport and storage system for individual trays through 2D system lineal robots.

This system has the latest technology in this sector and has been developed by ROSER together with German company Dia-Werke.

This intelligent storage system establishes tray location depending on product rotation, permanently optimising storage distribution as well as efficiency in robot displacement, allowing a better use of the space in around 90% (in a traditional system, only a 65-70% would be reached).

A flexible & powerful software controls the system, measuring and controlling process parameters in time, such as:

  • Quality control of worker's cutting
  • "
  • Cutting performance results at all times
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  • Product traceability & source
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  • Transport hygienic conditions
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  • Optimal guarantee of the managing of FIFO inventory
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  • In time stock control

This system allows a better efficiency and speed in transport process of the cut product, working without human intervention, thus reducing cost and the possibility of mistakes or any contamination. With a movement capacity of up to 260 trays/hr., this system is being installed in high production cutting lines in different parts of the world.

ROSER belongs to "Adfood Group", specialised in technology for the meat sector which brings together brand names Roser (Hygiene & handling equipment), Ogalsa (Injectors), Cato (Machinery for Sausage Production) and RMT (turnkey projects, production lines, technological consultancy on projects & processing lines).

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