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Iberian Sector Reports Higher Sales in 2011

26 April 2012

SPAIN - Iberian ham sales in 2011 exceeded five million certified cuts, representing an increase of 10 per cent over the previous year, according to the AIC of the Iberian pig (Asici), which represents 90 per cent of farmers and the industrial sector.

According to a report by Europa Press, the marketing of Iberian ham bait increased 18 per cent to 4.2 million pieces, while the Iberian ham declined 15 per cent to 799,600 pieces.

Asici is developing a series of outreach activities for consumers to become familiar with the features that have different categories in the market.

In this regard, the Inter president, Jose Maria Molina, has chosen to distinguish the Iberian ham as either 'acorn' (derived from pigs raised on pasture and fed on acorns) or 'bait' (farm-raised and fed with feed).

"Reducing food categories by at acorn and bait productions that have shown a majority in recent years, will help consumers to distinguish," said Mr Molina in a briefing.

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