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Air Products' Freshline at AMI Expo

23 April 2012

US - Air Products' Freshline solutions is designed to help meat processors improve productivity, increase product yield, and lower costs while producing high-quality products, the company says.

The company will highlight its portfolio of technology and equipment for freezing, chilling, mixing, forming, and more at this year's AMI Expo in Dallas, Texas, from 1-3 May.

Among the company's featured offerings are Freshline® LIN-IS, a specially designed liquid nitrogen (LIN) injection solution that can be retrofitted to new or existing mixers, grinders, and blenders for fast, consistent, and repeatable cooling.

The Freshline® DM tunnel freezer, which allows manufacturers to process both IQF (individually quick frozen) and flat or trayed products in a single machine; and the Freshline® QS tunnel freezer, an economical and easy-to-operate option for food processors who want to convert to continuous freezing, alleviate a bottleneck in their operation, or grow and diversify their existing product line.

Air Products' portfolio of Freshline solutions includes cryogenic food processing equipment that uses LIN to rapidly chill, cool, or freeze a high-quality product. Accounting for more than three-quarters of the earth's atmosphere, nitrogen is plentiful, making it a reliable alternative to carbon dioxide (CO2), which experiences regular, seasonal supply shortages.

In many freezing and chilling applications, LIN can be a cost-effective alternative to CO2, and the conversion can be quick and easy. Air Products has successfully converted many customers from CO2 to LIN, providing them with a multitude of quality and operational benefits that cannot be achieved with CO2. These benefits include a uniform temperature throughout the cooling or freezing process, superior product quality, increased throughput, and better turn-down.

As part of AMI's Meat Tech sessions, Chris Johnson, marketing manager for North America Foods at Air Products, will discuss "Why Use Liquid Nitrogen in the Meat Industry?" on Wednesday, 2 May at 3:00 p.m. at booth #1625. Manufacturers attending this presentation will discover the many operational and quality benefits that can be achieved by using liquid nitrogen in their meat processing applications.

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