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Traditional German 'Air-dried' Fermented Sausages

20 April 2012

Traditional varieties of fermented pork sausages from Central Germany are different from related meat products in various aspects.

However, despite a record of good food safety, their production could be hindered by current legislation.

Research by FK Lücke and I Vogeley from the Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences Department at Hochschule University of Applied Sciences in Germany shows that first, they are prepared from "warm" pork immediately after slaughter.

The meat is then minced, mixed with spices and minimal amounts of sugars, salt and nitrate, and the stuffed sausages ripen for a minimum of six to eight weeks at temperatures below 15°C.

Secondly, surface mould growth during ripening is regularly removed or suppressed, according to the report published in the April edition of Food Microbiol.

The manufacturing methods require a minimum of investments and labour and reflect the socio-economic situation in the manufacturing area, the researchers say.

The sausages have a good record of safety and a preliminary risk assessment indicates that pathogens are kept under sufficient control by the extended ripening at low temperatures.

However, the research team concludes that small-scale ot artisanal manufacture of these products is only possible with a flexible interpretation of the hygienic principles set up in current legislation.

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