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Beef Prices Fell 19 Per Cent in Last Six Months

17 April 2012

PARAGUAY - Since the 15 September cattle prices in Paraguay have fallen 47 per cent following the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in the country. The prices of cuts of beef in supermarkets also fell by 19 per cent.

The first outbreak of FMD by the National Quality and Animal Health (SENACSA), was dated as the 17 September 2011. Since then, the last six months have experienced a strong downward trend in prices of cattle in the four large spiker firms: Ferusa, Codega, El Rodeo and El Corral, reports ABC

The price of cows, on average, on 15 September 2011 was G. 7,575 per kilogram, while data from the 13 April 2012 shows that the price went down to G. 4,232 per kilogram, a 44 per cent reduction.

As for the prices of bulls, the drop is 40 per cent.

The average prices of different cuts of beef fell by 19 per cent.

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