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ANUGA FOODTEC - HPP Improving Safety, Shelf Life

29 March 2012

GERMANY - Food safety through high pressure processing has been making its mark at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne this week.

The technology that has been part of the food industry for a number of years has been brought into focus this week by two companies in particular.

German company Multivac received the Anuga FoodTec gold award for its HPP technology, while leading US company in the field Avure staged a series of presentations to demonstrate the versatility of the technology across the food industry from meat products to fruits and juices.

The technology that is used to reduce harmful bacteria in food through high pressure also increases shelf life without the use of preservatives or the introduction of heat.

While he technology became popular in the US following well documented listeria outbreaks and food recalls to reduce pathogens in meat and sausage products, it is now being demanded by supermarkets and foodservice outlets to maintain a stable shelf life for a longer period.

Dr Errol Raghubeer, Avure's senior food scientist said that supermarket chains such as WalMart are now requiring processors to use HPP because of the extended shelf life and the reduction in spoilage as a result.

He added that the technology is also being sought around the world particularly in areas where problems in maintaining temperature control between one store and another or between the processing plant and the store have been discovered.

He said that the potential for fluctuations in temperature had made product vulnerable.

However, high pressure processing removes the hazard.

Dr Raghubeer added that while shelf life issues were becoming more of a focus in the US, food safety was still the high priority in Europe.

The ability to reduce the need for preservatives in the products because of HPP is also allowing processors to reduce the amount of sodium salts used in product manufacture, which with the call for a reduction of sodium in diet is proving an added benefit from HPP.

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