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ANUGA FOODTEC - Meat Industry Needs to Improve Packaging

29 March 2012

GERMANY - The meat industry is behind the rest of the field when it comes to packaging, writes Chris Harris from Anuga FoodTec in Cologne.

Andrew Streeter, director of Pack Track part of the Datamonitor group, speaking at the exhibition said that for the meat industry the main packaging drivers appear to be cost and safety.

However, Mr Streeter said that for the packaging industry in general, six main features are crucial to developing packaging for products - convenience, shelf presence, cost, safety, functionality and sustainability.

He said that while convenience is important for most products, for meat safety and cost appear to be the dominating features.

He said that attitudes to packaging are changing, but the meat industry is lagging behind, apart from some exceptions.

Packaging for meat on supermarket shelves appears to be just to contain the product and to keep it safe.

There is little use of branding on raw meat and marketing the product for position on the supermarket shelf only comes into play when the meat has already been enhances as a meal.

Mr Streeter said that meat appears to be seen as a commodity product.

"But packaging can add value," he said.

"At present meat packaging seems to be down to cost and safety."

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