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ANUGA FOODTEC - Conference Highlights Food Safety

27 March 2012

GERMANY - The fundamentals of meat and food quality and safety are at the heart of a special conference for the food processing industry during Anuga FoodTec this week.

The conference is looking at processing and packaging solutions designed to meet the qualities of functionality and safety as well as form, nutrition, and consumer appeal.

While consumers in Europe and elsewhere continue to demanding fresh, minimally processed foods with an emphasis on safety, nutrition and convenience, there is an increasing trend also towards reducing the negative effects of food packaging and processing on the environment and energy resources. Technological and scientific advances in processing and packaging are therefore critical for the continual safety of food and beverage product developments.

Jointly organised by Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH and Anuga FoodTec, the Food Safety Conference is also looking at issues ranging from trends and challenges to theoretical and scientific analyses.

The conference is presenting the international food safety issues, risk assessments in Europe, and methods to detect food allergens.

As new products are being developed, the conference will also focus on principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) related to the process of product development.

Biotechnology that promotes food safety, and the regulation of DNA contamination in food and feed are further timely topics that reflect new emerging trends in the food processing sector.

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