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Lockout of Workers at Meat Plants

27 February 2012

NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand meat processor AFFCOm is reported to have given notice of an indefinite lockout of meat workers at five of its meat plants across New Zealand.

According to the New Zealand Council of Trades Unions AFFCO wants to make changes to the collective employment agreement giving the company flexibility in its terms of employment.

Meat Workers Union Secretary Dave Eastlake said: "Our members will be shocked that this company, now wholly owned by the Talley family, has taken such a cruel and unnecessary step in order to get exactly what it wants in their employment agreement.

“The lockout demands of the company are very similar to those being demanded of the workers at the Port of Auckland and reflect a new determination by some employers to screw down working conditions to the absolute bottom in this country – the low road of employment relations,” said Mr Eastlake.

“The Meat workers will be holding meetings of its members this week to discuss this lockout and are calling on the Talley family to withdraw the notice and return to the bargaining table where this dispute should be resolved.”

The reported lock-out is expecetd to affect about 700 workers.

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