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Atria to Streamline Swedish Production

13 January 2012

SWEDEN - Atria Scandinavia is planning to launch an efficiency improvement programme aimed at streamlining and automating the manufacturing of ham products and the slicing of cold cuts.

Negotiations with labour market organisations have been initiated in order to start the planning work.

Atria intends to invest in new production equipment at its Malmö plant.

At the same time, the manufacturing of ham products and the slicing of cold cuts will be transferred from the Halmstad plant in southern Sweden to the Malmö plant.

The production processes of the Malmö plant will also be improved and plans will be drawn up to renovate production facilities and to automate internal logistics.

If the Malmö efficiency improvement programme is implemented, Atria will invest in the new production equipment at Malmö plant approximately €4.7 million according to preliminary calculations and the Halmstad plant will be shut down after the transfer of production.

The programme is expected to generate annual cost savings of approximately €1.5 million.

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