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Middleby Announces Acquires Armor Inox

22 December 2011

GLOBAL - The Middleby Corporation has acquired Armor Inox, a manufacturer of thermal processing systems for the food processing industry with approximate annual revenues of $25 million.

The addition of this brand complements and further enhances Middleby’s food processing equipment platform.

Armor Inox is recognised by the leading global food processors for its unique cooking process.

The Armor Inox Thermix cooking system utilizes water to provide for a highly efficient transfer of heat, rapid cook times, and the highest cooking yields.

The Thermix cooking system ensures precise control of the cooking cycle resulting in superior product quality and consistency.

“In the last eighteen months, Middleby has significantly expanded its food processing equipment platform completing the acquisitions of Armor Inox, Auto-Bake, Cozzini, Danfotech, Drake, and Maurer-Atmos, which adds to the existing portfolio of brands including Alkar, MP Equipment and RapidPak. We have assembled a very strong lineup of globally recognized brands and a portfolio of complementary industry leading technologies. These highly synergistic acquisitions will allow us to provide our customers a uniquely integrated and efficient equipment solution, providing for reduced operating costs and the highest standards of quality. As we complete the integration of these newly acquired brands, we also see significant opportunity to realise operational efficiencies amongst our expanded Food Processing Equipment Group,” commented Selim A. Bassoul, Chairman and CEO.

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