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Bettcher Launches Optimax

22 December 2011

BETTCHER Industries Inc.

US - Bettcher Industries has introduced the Optimax Automatic Batter/Breading Machine that brings breading of fresh menu items into the 21st Century for restaurateurs.

The ingenious, robust design of the Optimax® machine allows foodservice establishments to prepare quality fresh-breaded items far easier – and with consistent quality from cook to cook and shift to shift. The machine’s action blends ingredients to ensure a consistent flavor profile. It is also engineered to apply the precise amount of batter and breading to correct coating specifications.

Because the design of the Optimax machine avoids the application of excess breading on food items, it helps reduce the cost of ingredients. Independent tests show a reduced cost of breading of up to 40% when compared to traditional hand-breading procedures. Oil life is also extended because of the reduced incidence of excess breading blowing off in the fryer.

The Optimax machine is also a true labour-saver, enabling one employee to do the work of three people easily and effortlessly. The breading process is completed faster. Plus, it’s easy to train new employees on the simple breading procedures of the machine.

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