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Cross Web Labellers in Tandem Operation

20 December 2011

GERMANY - MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has developed a tandem operation for cross web labellers. This enables labellers to be installed very close to each other on the packaging machine.

In the case of some applications it is necessary to install two cross web labellers on one thermoforming packaging machine.

Examples of this are cases where pack formats with a particularly large number of rows have to be labelled at high speed, or where two differ-ent labels, for example a decorative label and a promotional label, have to be applied to the pack. In these cases the two cross web labellers share the labelling.

With multi-row formats a longitudinal shift unit is usually used to move the label dispenser from row to row.

The fitting of two cross web labellers on a thermoforming packaging machine requires a very large area for installation, since the longi-tudinal shift unit of each labeller can move in both directions.

This can lead to the risk of squashing between the labellers: "For safety reasons there must be a distance of at least the width of one body between the two labellers," stresses Klaus Rocholl, the expert on working safety at MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection.

This space is however not usually available. As an alternative solution MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has developed a tandem op-eration for cross web labellers. With this solution two labellers of the same type are mechanically coupled together.

"Both labellers work with just one longitudinal shift unit. This means that the two labellers can no longer move independently of each other. The danger of any squashing arising is therefore eliminated. Both labellers can be installed on the packaging machine in a very space-saving way," says Rocholl explaining the advantages.

An additional positive ef-fect of the tandem operation is also the commercial benefit, which arises from the elimination of one longitudinal shift unit.

A pneumatic clamp can be released when the cross web labellers in tandem operation require setting up. In this way it is possible to slide the two labellers apart, which simplifies the label roll change for example. A spindle adjustment mechanism with position display is used to set up the labeller to a new pack length.

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