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Innovation from Stainless Steel

30 November 2011

GERMANY - Small fragments of plastic in meat products can be annoying and also cause safety issues.

The Silver Steel HyperDrill is completely made from hardened stainless steel: ground plate, rods and adaptors made of rust-free material.

The Silver Steel ensures that no small fragments of plastic end up in the meat. The sharpening unit consists of 2 x 2 replaceable HyperDrill rods: the result will be a precise cutting edge with a perfect angle. The extreme fine cuts of the HyperDrill rods smoothen the finely ground edge.

The master regarding design of the Silver Steel was our successful Magneto Steel. In cooperation with hygienists and professionals from the meat industry, the shape has been optimized once again and developed to production standard. The easy handling convinces: simply draw blade through rods for a perfect edge in seconds. The Silver Steel is the consequent expansion of the range of hygienic products by F. DICK.

Two additional rods increase the performance.

The inversely arranged rods on both sides and the mounting plate are the basis of a light, slim tool of low height and an increase in efficiency of 33 per cent.

The maintenance and care of this sharpening device is very simple. The mechanics is robust – no springs or any other fragile pieces – and therefore secure from outside influences.

The Silver Steel can be used fastened at workplace or as handheld device. For this reason, you will find two fastening eyes in the lower part of this tool. Alternatively, you can also fix the Silver Steel by using the upper fastening eyes for chains or a lock to secure it from loss.

The angled handles with an extra thumb rest guarantee an optimal handling when using as hand-held device and even a secure hold with gloves.

The fast capability of grasp has a big advantage:

  • Optimal hold with gloves, no matter if left or right
  • Can be held and used on both sides (front and back side)

As accessories, Friedr. Dick offers a variable usable holder for easy fastening at workplace without needing any special tools as well as an extension for the holder of the Silver Steels.

The Silver Steel HyperDrill is available at specialized dealers.

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