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WPC 2011 - International Delegates Gather for Pork Conference

06 October 2011

GERMANY - More than 300 delegates from around the world are attending the 6th International Meat Secretariat World Pork Conference in Bonn this week.

The two day conference is set to discuss aspects of the sustainability of the industry with topics including food safety, feeding the world, climate protection and animal welfare issues.

The conference organisers - the German Meat Industry Association and the marketing organisation German Meat - said the event is being staged against a backdrop of a growing demand for pork.

By 2020 demand is expected to increase by 20 per cent to 127 million tonnes, with the greatest growth coming from emerging and developing countries. Their share is expected to rise by 67 per cent in terms of production and 69 per cent in terms of consumption.

Paul Brand, chairman of the board of VDF - the German Meat Industry Association - said: "The on-going globalisation of the meat trade means that we need to have a cross-border exchange on these topics.

"This is why I am particularly happy that this conference attracted so many visitors to Bonn.

"Out of the 300 delegates, almost two thirds came from abroad, amongst other countries Russia, China, the US, Canada, Mexico, Belgium and France to name but a few countries."

Dr Heike Harstick VDF Managing Director said: "By hosting the World Pork Conference, the German meat industry created a platform for the most urgent issues confronting the international pork industry."

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