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Sweden Loses Three Pig Farms a Day

16 February 2011

SWEDEN - Swedish pork industry is at an acute crisis situation with three pig farms going out of business every day.

According to the Swedish Farmers Federation (LRF), more than a fifth of Swedish pig production will have disappeared before the end of the year.

"Pig farmers are losing several hundred dollars on each pig. The situation is untenable," said LRF Federal Chairman Lars-Göran Pettersson.

The federation said that while the curve has chanegd for other farming operations and farmers are seeing an upward trend for teh first time since the start of the financial crisis, pig farmers are in free fall.

Between 3 January and 9 February, 100 out of the 1200 pig farms that are connected to the Swedish Animal Health Service, have gone.

"Swedish animal welfare rules, which are the highest in the EU, are leading to increased production costs. If we are to compete with low-priced imported pork sold without country of origin labels, the government must introduce an animal welfare payment to compensates farmers for their welfare commitments," said Lars-Göran Pettersson.

The decommissioning of the Swedish pork industry may affect the slaughterhouse structure and might also become a crucial issue for beef production, the farmers'federation said.

If slaughterhouses close down, it might mean that beef producers in some places will not have a butcher to supply.

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