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Low Pork Prices Sparks Dutch Farmers' Protest

21 January 2011

NETHERLANDS - Pig farmers are protesting at the low price of pork.

Pig farmers from all over the country took action on Tuesday (18 January) in protest at the low prices currently being paid for pork, according to Dutch News.

The national pig farmers association, NVV, has urged farmers to refuse to deliver any pig to abattoirs and to stop others from doing so by setting up temporary blockades.

The farmers say the cost of transporting animals to abattoirs has gone up 22 per cent over the past year while prices have been driven down by lack of demand following the German dioxin crisis.

In addition, the traditional supply and demand laws of setting prices have been distorted by the "market clout" of a few big players, the organisation said. "Everyone gets their costs covered and earns a margin except pig farmers."

They hope to pressure meat processors and supermarkets to increase their prices.

The association did not say what price producers are currently being paid for pork. Supermarket group, Dirk, is currently advertising one kilo of pork chops for €5, according to Dutch News.

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