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Mincemeat with Vegetable Protein

16 November 2010

NETHERLANDS - The VION Food Group has developed an innovative mincemeat preparation with plant-based protein and 30 percent less fat and cholesterine

The VION Food Group is one of the leading manufacturers of foodstuffs in Europe. In all its activities, it is principally concerned to focus on the consumer and the consumer’s preferences. Accurate knowledge of the market is important here, as is the ability to detect coming trends in advance.

For this purpose VION, in cooperation with GfK [the German Consumer Research Association] has developed a Consumer Monitor which yields valuable insights into the motives of meat eaters. Already today 42 per cent of Germans are eating less meat than in the past, with the aim of switching to a healthier diet. All the same, more than 75 per cent of consumers think that meat is an indispensable part of their daily food intake.

VION has now responded to these changes in consumers’ preferences with a completely novel product – hackplus®, a mincemeat product containing valuable plant protein. It has 30 per cent less fat and 30 per cent less cholesterine than traditional mincemeat – though it looks identical, has the same taste and is prepared in just the same way.

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