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Countdown to World Meat Congress

13 September 2010

ARGENTINA - The countdown for the 18th World Meat Congress to be held at La Rural, Predio Ferial de Palermo in Buenos Aires on September 27-29, 2010, has started.

The event, organised by the International Meat Secretary (IMS) every two years, will bring together distinguished international panellists to update trends and learn about the innovations related to the entire beef, lamb and pork meat chain.

The theme for this year's Congress is "Meat for a sustainable world" and the agenda will consist in five sessions: "Providing Meat to the World Market in a Sustainable Way", Market Operators in the International Trade", "The Meat Industry Facing Sustainability Challenges", "Animal Health and Wellbeing in the International Trade Context", and "Round Table: The Future of the Global Meat Industry".

The Congress will be locally organised by the IPCVA (Institute for the Promotion of the Argentine Beef).

Participants will have the opportunity to make various professional visits.

There will be two visits to the traditional Liniers Market, the largest cattle market in South America, with an average of 40,000 animals passing through each week. Here, bidding between buyers and sellers determine cattle prices nationwide, both for fattened cattle and for breeding and fattening. The trip includes a visit to the Museo de los Corrales (Stockyards Museum), where historical items representing the criollo heritage can be found.

A visit is scheduled to the cold storage plant of Paladini, the leading Argentine company engaged in the production of cold meats, cold cuts and dried meats. In a 50-hectare facility, with 43,000 m2 of premises and over 1,800 employees, 25,000 tons of pork and 12,000 tons of beef are processed annually. Visitors will be toured around the pork slaughtering and boning plant, where approximately 220,000 animals are processed annually; the cattle slaughtering and boning plant in a 7,000 m2 covered area and a modern pig farm with a permanent stock of 50,000 pigs in different processing stages. At the end of the visit, a "picada" (cold cuts and cheese plate) of Paladini's products will be offered.

Another excursion is a visit to one of the cold storage plants of Mattievich in Rosario. This plant is engaged in the production of high-quality cooled, frozen and vacuum-packaged beef cuts. This plant has a slaughtering capacity of 16,000 cows per month and produces meat and bone expellers, tannery leather, dried meats and hamburgers. On the same day, a visit is planned to Conecar Feedlot, which is capable of housing 10,000 animals and is one of the best specialized feedlot facilities. It provides a 5-star hotel service based on the automation of the premises, professional sanitary programs, technology incorporation, and exact feeding dosing, always focusing on animal wellbeing and environmental aspects.

INTA Castelar's facilities will be another destination of interest to the participants to the World Meat Congress. During their visit, participants will learn about the INTA Castelar's research findings with respect to meat quality, safety, and processing; precision cattle-breeding; genetics and animal sanitation; and cattle-breeding and climate change.

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