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Outbreak of Trichinellosis in Argentina

18 August 2010

ARGENTINA - About 30 residents of Pueblo General Belgrano [Entre Rios province] have been diagnosed with trichinellosis, a disease transmitted through the ingestion of pork, horse or boar meat contaminated with a microscopic parasite.

Citing a report in Diario El Argentino, Dr Douglas Powell of Kansas State University reports in Bites that, among those affected are at least 10 court workers in Gualeguaychu and the intendant [head of the local government] of Pueblo Belgrano, Francisco Fiorotto, who confirmed to Diario El Argentino the suspicion that it could be an outbreak of trichinellosis. Nonetheless, he called for prudence until the results of the samples obtained from the area and from those affected are known.

As reported, the original focus is believed to be a butcher shop in Pueblo Belgrano, where several of those infected acquired salami and pork meat.

The Epidemiology Department sent two residents who work in the area to determine the cause of the outbreak of trichinellosis.

"There are several suspected cases of trichinellosis," said the local health director, Martin Piaggio.

According to reports from two health centres, some of those infected reported having fever, muscle aches, swollen eyes and diarrhoea, all symptoms consistent with [trichinellosis], although none was admitted to hospital.

Blood samples were taken in the Hospital Centenario health area and sent to the laboratories indicated by the provincial Epidemiology Department.

Faced with a possible outbreak of trichinellosis, the Pueblo Belgrano Development Board decided to prohibit the production of slaughter by-products and the transport and marketing of pork and its by-products.

The board also asked that anyone with the symptoms mentioned go to the Carlos Artusi Health Center in Pueblo Belgrano, or directly to the Hospital Centenario in Gualeguaychu, for the correct diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Finally, the Board announced that it will be on permanent alert with the purpose of continuing to implement and analyze the measures that may arise from to this health issue.

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