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Demonstrating Sous Vide Cooking Principles

27 July 2010

GERMANY - In the sous-vide process, ingredients are vacuum-packed in a film pouch.

Usually vacuum chamber machines are used for this.

Then the ingredients are placed in a combination steamer or a wa-ter bath where the temperature can be controlled more precisely and cooked slowly.

The advantages of this low-temperature cooking process in vacuum film pouches are manifold, accordign to packagine specialist MultiVac. The natural taste of the dishes, as well as the freshness, colour and appearance are retained. The natural aroma becomes concentrated and the food keeps it high nutritional value. The dreaded dehydration of dishes, as occurs in conven-tional storage methods, is prevented.

Another advantage of this processing method is the lower material costs due to less cooking and storage losses.

It also enables chefs to expand their menus considerably, as it is possible to prepare many more dishes and store them. As soon as the diner orders, the ingredients required for his meal can be put together and heated in a water bath.

For many portion packages in the gastronomy branch, film pouches are the best and most economical packaging type in terms of size and number.

MultiVac will be displaying the latest in packaging technology for the gastronomy branch at the Hogatec. The international exhibition for the hotel and gastronomy sector will be taking place from 12-15 September in Dusseldorf.

"In the show kitchen at the trade fair stand, visitors can gain a realistic impression of how our chamber machines make everyday working life in the gastronomy industry much easier", said Valeska Haux, Vice President Corpo-rate Marketing at MULTIVAC.

Vacuum cooking ("cuisson sous vide") will be the particular focus of our solutions for restaurants.

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