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Phages Transducing Antibiotic Resistance Detected in Chicken Meat
Antimicrobial resistance in bacteria poses a global threat to public health....
Effect of Feeding Ractopamine on Heavy Pigs
This experiment from the US confirms that ractopamine improves the performance of pigs and that aggressive handling can have negative effects on their physical,...
Antibiotic Resistant Salad
Antibiotic-resistant strains of the food-poisoning microbe Listeria monocytogenes in unprocessed salad products is not quite as widespread as scientists originally...
Anti-microbial Coatings with Long-term Effect for Surfaces
Hygienic conditions and sterile procedures are particularly important in food preparation and in the manufacture of packaging material, as well as in hospitals,...
Antimicrobial Efficiency of Lauric Arginate against Campylobacter
New research from Mississippi State University reveals that lauric arginate (LAE) is effective in reducing Campylobacter jejuni counts on chicken breast fillets....




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