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Higher Welfare, Biosecurity and Yields through Turkey Processing Automation
Over the past half century the turkey industry has seen significant changes in the methods used to harvest meat....
Effect of Feeding Ractopamine on Heavy Pigs
This experiment from the US confirms that ractopamine improves the performance of pigs and that aggressive handling can have negative effects on their physical,...
Why Entire Male Pigs Have More Skin Lesions at Slaughter
A new study from Ireland shows that entire males were more aggressive and performed more mounts than female pigs and that, as a result, the boars had more skin lesions....
Welfare Measurements of Finishing Pigs on Day of Slaughter
Animal welfare on the day of slaughter is of increasing concern to the authorities and consumers alike....
Tackling Boar Taint through Market-assisted Selection
Since surgical castration of male piglets without anaesthesia is under heavy societal pressure, finding a sustainable solution to reduce boar taint has become urgent....




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