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Closed Meat Plants Today Mean Empty Meat Cases this Summer
The spread of COVID-19 among people who work in many beef and pork plants across the country has led to plant slowdowns and shut downs, creating a bottleneck in...
Higher Welfare, Biosecurity and Yields through Turkey Processing Automation
Over the past half century the turkey industry has seen significant changes in the methods used to harvest meat....
Welfare Measurements of Finishing Pigs on Day of Slaughter
Animal welfare on the day of slaughter is of increasing concern to the authorities and consumers alike....
Finalisation of FSIS's Modernisation of Poultry Slaughter Inspection Rule
The Modernisation of Poultry Inspection Final Rule in the US was published in the Federal Register on 21 August last year, 937 days after it was proposed. During...
USDA Quality Grades May Mislead Consumers
A study from Oklahoma State University has shown that there is a great deal of confusion among consumers over the quality grading of beef in the US....




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