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How Vacuum and MAP Packed Meat Spoils
Spoilage of modified atmosphere (MAP) or vacuum-packaged meat is often caused by psychrotrophic lactic acid bacteria (LAB)....
How Modified Atmosphere Packaging Affects Spoilage of Poultry Breast Fillets
High-oxygen packaging offered no advantages over high-nitrogen packaging of chicken fillets in terms of meat quality or shelf life in this experiment in Germany....
Longer Shelf Life and Fewer Plastic Substances in Food
Synthetic materials are convenient in many respects, but they have one disadvantage: they are permeable to gases....
Resting MAP Packed Steaks Before Cooking Improves Eating Quality
Resting of modified atmosphere packed (MAP) beef steaks before cooking has a beneficial effect on consumer quality....
How Colour Changes in Ageing in Vacuum Aged Lamb
The effect of vacuum ageing of lamb steaks from early fattening lambs during aerobic display sees quality changes in the meat that include changes in colour and...




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