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Devices Designed to Identify Pathogens in Food
Researchers at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) in Mexico, have developed a technology capable of identifying pathogens in food and beverages and whether...
Effects of Pulsed Electric Fields on Turkey Meat
An assessment of the impact of pulsed electric fields processing factors on oxidation, colour, texture, and sensory attributes of turkey breast meat found there...
Higher Welfare, Biosecurity and Yields through Turkey Processing Automation
Over the past half century the turkey industry has seen significant changes in the methods used to harvest meat....
How Vacuum and MAP Packed Meat Spoils
Spoilage of modified atmosphere (MAP) or vacuum-packaged meat is often caused by psychrotrophic lactic acid bacteria (LAB)....
Improved Method for Detecting Salmonella During Poultry Processing
A recently completed research project at the University of Arkansas has led to the development of a rapid PCR assay for the detection of Salmonella in the poultry...




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