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Getting Essential Iodine in Food
Iodine is a necessary trace element to humans, and iodine deficiency can cause malfunctioning of the thyroid gland....
New Processes Protect Valuable Ingredients
Vitamins, mineral substances, fruit aromas or green tea catechins – many ingredients from the "microcosm" cannot be easily incorporated into the food matrix....
Discovering Importance of Zinc in Diets
Zinc is an important mineral necessary in human diets and it has a wide array of vital physiological functions....
Using Plant-based Material as Antioxidants and Fat Replacers in Meat Products
Plant based derivatives have potential applications as fat replacers, antioxidants and antimicrobials in fresh and processed meat products....
Occasional Excess of Nitrite from Foods in Finland
A study by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has found that in Finland the nitrite intake from foods and household water exceeded the acceptable daily intake...




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