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Global Protein Developments: What are the Implications for the Meat Industry ?
Global protein demand will increase by a factor of 3.5 over a 50 year period, namely from 1980-2030. Poultry will show the biggest increase in demand, followed by...
Countdown to MeatUp Trade Show in Full Swing
UK - The 2015 Meatup show which includes the Food Science & Technology show this year will open its doors on 30 June....
State-of-the-art 3D Abattoir Technology Produces Better Quality Meat
The Danish Meat Research Institute at the Danish Technological Institute has developed an advanced robot that can produce more uniform and precise pork loin cuts,...
Measurement Engineering in Meat Automation Begins with Sensor Selection
Quality and hygiene are top priorities in the meat processing industry, because consumers expect high-quality and safe products....
Hygienic Design in Food Industry
Experts estimate the share of time spent with cleaning processing in the food and beverage industry to be up to 30 per cent....




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