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How Transport Stress Affects Duck Meat Quality
Transportation for two hours resulted in measurable stress in 42-day-old Pekin ducks in this Chinese study but these effects were mitigated by a two-hour rest period...
Effects of Transport on Meat Quality of Pigs
A Canadian study indicates that the adverse effects of prolonged transport and low temperatures on meat quality can be aggravated by the location of the pig in the...
In-Transit Losses of Pigs: Investigation of Hog Heart Health
Most of the pigs that died during transportation had a pre-existing cardiac abnormality, according to Kathy Zurbrigg of the University of Guelph and co-workers,...
Can Meat be Transported at Higher Temperatures than in Regulations?
Meat can be transported at temperatures higher than the current maximum of 7°C without causing additional bacterial growth, provided that specific maximum transport...
Factors Affecting the Transportation of Market-weight Pigs
Experiments in Canada reveal that pigs take longer to load into and double-decker trailers than pot-bellied trailers but the reverse occurs at unloading and there...




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