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Reclaiming Feather Waste
Feathers could be another potential revenue stream for the poultry processing industry, according to a report from the Australian Poultry CRC....
Carbon Footprint of Food Waste not Necessarily Related to Weight
The carbon footprint of food waste should be taken into account alongside the weight of food wasted, according to a new study....
Energy Efficiency in Food and Beverage Industry
A mid-sized company in the meat industry could save annual carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to a mid-sized car travelling around the world 177 times according...
What is Environmental Impact of Eating Beef?
Policy decisions designed to reduce animal-based food consumption stand to significantly reduce the environmental cost of food production....
Filtration System to Improve Poultry Processing Wastewater Screening
The Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (GTRI) Poultry Deboning Line Screening System is one step closer to making its way to processing plants. ...




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