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Getting Essential Iodine in Food
Iodine is a necessary trace element to humans, and iodine deficiency can cause malfunctioning of the thyroid gland....
Brazilian Beef Industry Moves to Reduce its Destruction of Rain Forests
Expansion of cattle pastures has led to the destruction of huge swaths of rain forest in Brazil, home to the world's largest herd of commercial beef cattle. But...
Report Finds Mandatory COOL Causes Meat Industry, Consumer Losses
Any policy that results in higher costs of compliance without a quantifiable benefit will likely have an adverse economic impact, and recent research shows mandatory...
EU Call for Action on Industrially Produced Trans Fatty Acids in Foods
The impact of industrially produced trans fatty acids (TFAs) on the health of citizens in the European Union has been the focus of political debate by Members of...
Finalisation of FSIS's Modernisation of Poultry Slaughter Inspection Rule
The Modernisation of Poultry Inspection Final Rule in the US was published in the Federal Register on 21 August last year, 937 days after it was proposed. During...




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