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How Recalls Hit Company Stock Prices
Food safety is top-of-mind among many consumers and producers of food....
History Lesson in Packing Plant Closures
March 2008, Emporia, Kansas—a Tyson beef plant ceased a majority of its beef processing operations. February 2013, Plainview, Texas—Cargill stopped processing...
How Safe is Pink Pork?
UK - Pink Pork is more cooked than a rare steak would be, according to JSR Genetics' meat scientist Dr Caroline Mitchell....
Pork Quality Matters - Acceptable Meat
Consumer acceptability of meat products is built on three pillars: quality, safety and responsibility. The balance between these three factors varies from market...
Developing Market for High Pressure Processing
High Pressure Processing - HPP - technology is used for food products that have high liquid content including meat and fish products as well as fruits, juices and...




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