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GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Costs, Disease, and Lower Demand Hit Turkey Growth
In recent years higher production costs, disease outbreaks and lower consumer demand have made it difficult for the global turkey industry to expand since reaching...
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Little Egg Trade in Africa and Oceania
The regions of Africa and Oceania participate little in the trade of shell eggs and egg products in world terms, according to industry analyst, Terry Evans....
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Egg Consumption in Africa and Oceania Below the Global Average
By 2050, it is estimated that 25 per cent of the global human population will live in Africa compared with just 0.6 per cent in Oceania. Industry analyst, Terry...
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Turkey Trade Tops Million Tonnes
International trade in turkey meat amounts to around 1.1 million tonnes a year or about six per cent of the total trade in poultry meat, writes industry analyst,...
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Strong Growth in Egg Output Recorded in Africa and Oceania
Egg production in African countries has been increasing faster than the global rate, with Nigeria leading the league table of egg producers, reports industry analyst,...




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