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Taking Muscles from Chuck Beef Does Not Affect Ground Meat Quality

01 May 2015

Removing muscles from beef chuck has no negative effect on ground chuck quality in premium ground beef programmes.

Research from a team at the Division of Animal Sciences and the Food Science Programme at the University of Missouri showed there was no detrimental effect on patties made from the chuck.

The experiment by C.E. Ohman, B.R. Wiegand, I.U. Gruen and C.L. Lorenzen evaluated whether isolating certain muscles from the chuck for retail sale and excluding them from ground beef mix changes the number of days that ground chuck is acceptable to consumers.

Chucks were harvested from 24 beef steers and were allocated to either traditional or innovative fabrication methods.

Resulting ground beef patties were stored in retail simulation conditions for seven days to determine colour and oxidative stability.

Oxidative indicators of ground chuck quality increase over time.

Raw patties were analysed for thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), oxymyoglobin concentration, objective colour by Minolta Chromameter, and by a trained sensory panel for odour, colour and percentage discoloration.

Minolta a* values can be used to predict TBARS after day three of refrigerated storage.

No differences (P > 0.05) were observed between traditional and innovative style patties for TBARS, sensory odour or colour, or oxymyoglobin concentration.

Minolta Chromameter readings revealed more substantial fading (P < 0.05) in traditional patties compared to innovative style patties.

The research team concluded that the study demonstrated that removing certain muscles from the ground chuck mix does not cause detrimental consequences in resulting ground chuck patties.

The research is published in the Journal Meat Science.


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You can view the full report by clicking here.

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