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Developing Market for High Pressure Processing

16 December 2013

High Pressure Processing - HPP - technology is used for food products that have high liquid content including meat and fish products as well as fruits, juices and vegetables.

It is used extensively by food and beverage manufacturers in the US and Spain to extend the products’ shelf life and improve food safety.

The food and beverage processors create products that are minimally processed with a clean label.

Clean label products are those that are prepared from ingredients that consumers can recognise and understand.

High Pressure Processing technology is also implemented by meat and seafood processors to meet the desired tenderness and extract the meat from crustaceans.

The HPP market is divided into High Pressure Processing equipment market and HPP products market.

The HPP equipment market value is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 24 per cent, according to a report by Market Research.

The market was dominated by the fruit and vegetable application in 2012.

The processors of fresh products are using High Pressure Processing technology to retain the freshness and natural taste of the products and the HPP products market was dominated by North America in 2012.

The HPP products market value has increased from 2011 to 2012 and is projected to reach about $14 million by 2018.

The US is the largest consumer of High Pressure Processing products in North America.

The market in Spain is highly developed due to the availability and awareness of HPP equipment.

Companies such as Avure Technologies Inc. in the US and Hiperbaric Espuna in Spain are leaders in the HPP equipment market, although Multivac in Germany is also making its presence felt.

Companies such as Hormel food corporation in the US, Esteban Espuna SA in Spain, and several others such as Maple Leaf Foods from Canada, Perdue Farms in the US Craft Foods in the US and Campofrio Food Group in Spain commercialise their product range with this technology.


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