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Substitutes for Sodium Chloride in Low Sodium Frankfurters

29 December 2013

The use of different potassium and calcium salts to replace sodium chloride in the manufacture of frankfurters can have a beneficial health effect while still maintaining flavour and could be a means of producing low sodium meat products.

Research from the College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology at Korea University and the Food Research Institute in South Korea sound that the combined effects of using potassium lactate and calcium ascorbate as sodium chloride substitutes on the physicochemical and sensory characteristics of low-sodium frankfurter sausage found that in sensory tests the colour and certain physical properties of the end product could not be distinguished.

The research team of Y.M. Choi, K.C. Jung, H.M. Jo, K.W. Nam, J.H. Choe, M.S. Rhee and B.C. Kim set out to evaluate the combined effects of sodium chloride (NaCl) substitutes, including potassium lactate (K-lactate) and calcium ascorbate (Ca-ascorbate), on the physicochemical and sensory characteristics of low-sodium frankfurter sausage with a 1.2 per cent content of NaCl.

Sausages produced with 40 per cent substitution of NaCl with combined K-lactate and Ca-ascorbate showed a higher value of lightness (P < 0.001) than sausages containing a two per cent content of NaCl which was used as the control.

However, the sensory panels were unable to distinguish a difference in colour intensity between the control and treatment groups.

Frankfurter sausages produced with 30 per cent K-lactate and 10 per cent Ca-ascorbate exhibited similar water-holding capacity, textural properties and organoleptic characteristics (P > 0.05) when compared to control sausages.

The research team said that the use of these salt mixtures is a good way to reduce the NaCl content in meat products while maintaining the quality of meat products.

And the team added that these results may be useful in developing low-sodium meat products.


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December 2013

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