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High Pressure Processing and Gel Properties of Salt-soluble Meat Protein

23 June 2013

High pressure processing could be used to help develop low-fat and sodium-reduced meat products, according to research from Hefei University of Technology.

The research looked at the effect of high pressure processing on the gel properties of salt-soluble meat protein containing Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) and κ-carrageenan.

The research team of Fei Ma, Conggui Chen, Lei Zheng, Cunliu Zhou, Kezhou Cai and Zhuo Han from the School of Biology and Food Engineering at Hefei University of Technology in China found that 300-400 MPa could improve water-binding capacity of SSMP-CK gels.

It also found that 100 MPa could increase hardness and chewiness of the gels.

The study investigated the effects of high pressure processing (HPP) on the water-binding capacity and texture profile (TPA) of salt-soluble meat protein (SSMP) containing 0.2 per cent Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) and 0.6 per cent κ-carrageenan (SSMP-CK) gels.

The results showed that 300-400 MPa improved water-binding capacity and decreased TPA parameters of SSMP-CK gels (P < 0.05), while 100 MPa could increase hardness and chewiness of the gels.

The thermal transition temperature peak for the myosin head (Tpeak1) of SSMP disappeared on addition of CaCl2 and κ-carrageenan.

A pressure of 300 MPa produced a new peak, and caused a shift of the NH-stretching left peak and amide I and the disappearance of NH-stretching right peak.

The destruction of network structure and the weakening of molecular interaction within the pressurised gels could result in the decrease of TPA parameters.

The research team concluded that the gelling properties could be modified by HPP, κ-carrageenan and Ca2+ and that it could help in the production of low-fat and sodium-reduced meat products.

The study is published in the September issue of Meat Science.

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